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BDA Studio

The Room

BDA Studio

The design philosophy behind the room is to make monitoring accuracy the prime objective.  Placement of the monitor speakers within the space was chosen before any other design consideration.  Once the speakers were placed for minimal room interaction and best stereo imaging, placement of everything else in the studio was determined.

Acoustics are handled using custom-built cylindrical acoustic pressure zone traps.  The cylinders provide control of the room's acoustic character, governing reverberation time, bass modes, reflection points and diffusion.


Monitoring is provided by Magnepan's Magneplanar MG 3.7i loudspeakers.  For the technically inclined, these are a full-range ribbon design with a dipolar radiation pattern.  These speakers are very revealing of all aspects of recorded quality and they have an uncanny ability to sound like Music.

Digital Cables


Amplifier Cables

Speaker Cables


The studio is wired throughout using cables by Nordost.

The amazing, indispensable ULN-8

The amazing, indispensable ULN-8.

MIO afloat atop Hip Joints

All electronic components are supported by our very own Enjoyyourshelf© racks (the world's first piece of furniture with a fully independent suspension!).  These devices provide independent isolation on each shelf from performance-damaging vibrations, allowing each component to sound its best.