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BDA Services


While some projects might benefit from being done in a studio and others require the studio, sometimes getting out on location and recording in real time, direct to stereo can result in a more exciting record, with more of the vitality and dynamic "snap" of a live performance.

BDA does recordings in environments where the performers sound their best.  Locations are carefully chosen for their ability to support the performers and the music they create.

With a high resolution recording chain, captured performances will sound their best, with expansive stereo imaging and full dynamic range.  BDA recordings preserve the sense of "Life" normally experienced only in the presence of the musicians.


A unique synthesis of years of pro audio experience combined with audiophile sensibilities, our production philosophy is to create recordings that bring the listener to the performance event.  Focus and dynamics, often missing from many recordings, are at the forefront of the sound BDA captures.


Building a studio?  Planning a recording project?  Getting ready to mix?  Perhaps you're working on an album and want to know how to best prepare for mastering your project.  Need to double check if your mix is ready to be called "final"?  Or maybe you're rethinking your set up for monitoring, mixing or recording.  We're here to help.


This is what many folks know us for.  When it comes time for the last creative step in your project, the last chance for any adjustments, you want experienced ears you can trust.  This is the opportunity to bring out the best in your recording and mixes, to give the various parts a sense of unity and wholeness.


Whether you simply need to resequence an album or you need to edit a fabulous performance.  Need to prepare a single version for radio play?  Our editing skills were honed in the days of razor blades and editing blocks.  Nowadays, we say we "can get in and out within the width of that blade."